BBQ Kabob

These kabobs are a great balance between chicken and vegetables. In fact, the vegetables are at a 2:1 ratio to the chicken in this dish, and you will wish there were more. The eggplant was perfectly grilled, and the mushrooms were actually my favorite part.

BBQ Kabob
Makes 5 Kabobs

Plastic Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Metal Stakes

Chicken Breast
Arizona Gunslinger

1) Begin by cutting up the chicken on a plastic cutting board into chunks. Let it marinate for a while.
2) Put the chicken chunks into a bowl and pour on the Arizona Gunslinger BBQ sauce, stirring to coat evenly with a spatula.

3) Cut the eggplant into chunks, and wash the mushrooms.
4) Alter the ingredients as you slide them onto the metal stakes. The great thing about metal is you don’t have to pre-soak them, they are reusable, and no splinter risks!
5) Place the kabobs on the grill. Rotate once half way through cooking. IMG_1914

One Kabob ended up being plenty filling for me for dinner, and the leftovers made a terrific lunch!

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