The Extra Sharp Burger

Between the spicy mustard greens picked fresh from the garden and the sharpness of the New York style cheddar, these burger bites back…hard. The result is so refreshing and balanced that this will become the new all American classic burger. Forget lettuce and american cheese slices, challenge yourself to be better with this burger!

RECIPE: The Extra Sharp Burger
Makes 2 Burgers

Cutting Board
Meat Grinder

Chunk of Beef
Hamburger Buns
Extra Sharp New York Cheddar
Mustard Greens
Pickles for snacking

1) Freeze the beef and bacon until mostly frozen, or sit out until partially thawed. For these burgers, we did one slice of bacon to about 8 ounces of beef.
2) Grind the mixture together.
3) Form the meat into patties and place on top of the wax paper lined plate.
4) Right before you place the patties on the hot grill, sprinkle with a touch of salt and pepper.

5) Flip the burgers and place the buns on the grill to toast.
6) Slice the cheddar cheese extra thing and place it on the almost down burgers to start melting.
7) Pick the mustard greens and snack on a couple pickle slices until everything is cooked.
8) Serve the cheese burger on the toasted bun with a heavy helping of mustard greens on top! IMG_2360


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