Deer Chili

I am lucky enough that I can trade my homemade pepper jelly for venison from one of my coworkers. I don’t hunt, but she and her husband do. They process the deer themselves, and then I get the delicious venison! I ate a lot of venison in college, the benefit of having housemates that hunted. I’ve been missing it, and this venison chili really hit the spot.

RECIPE: Deer Chili
Makes 5 Servings

Cutting Board
Cutting Board

Garlic Cloves
Habanero Peppers
Chicken Stock

1) Scoop a bit of ghee into a cast iron pan and let it melt as the pan warms.
2) Finely chop the onion and garlic, adding it to the ghee to begin cooking.
3) When the onion is soft, add in the ground venison.
4) Season with paprika, cumin, and a bit of cilantro.

5) Chop up 3-4 habanero peppers (or to your preferred level of spiciness) and add it to the mixture.
6) Stir in the tomatoes and then the chicken stock.

7) Let it all simmer together until it begins to thicken and the flavors all merge together beautifully.
8) Serve with a side of biscuits, or perhaps spaghetti if you are from the Ohio area. IMG_2417

This was so tasty, my husband claimed all the leftovers for himself. I call that unfair, but it was really good.


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