Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

I am a fan of having regular vegetarian meals. This vegetarian burrito bowl is filling and flavorful. Every piece of it is rich in flavor, and the lettuce for this dish was picked from my garden. Or at least the lettuce that hasn’t been eaten by the baby bunnies that have decided to live in my garden.

RECIPE: Vegetarian Burrito Bowl
Makes 3 Servings

SUPPLIES NEEDED:IMG_20180702_171320124
Cast iron pan
Cutting Board

Rice with Salsa
Pinto Beans
Canned Peppers
Minced Onion
Garlic Powder
Mustard Greens
Colby Jack

(Real onion and garlic are better, but I was feeling tired and lazy from the heat)

Microwave the rice with salsa or make it fresh, since its literally just rice with a pint of salsa mixed in.
2) In a cast iron pan, pour in the pinto beans.
3) Add the pickled peppers with a bit of liquid.
4) Season with minced onion, garlic powder, and cumin.
5) Wash and chop lettuce while the beans simmer.
6) Slice small strips of Colby Jack cheese, and give the beans a stir.
7) In bowls, add a bottom layer of lettuce, a scoop of rice, a heavy scoop of beans, and a sprinkle of cheese on top. IMG_20180702_172559437_HDR

The salsa rice goes well with the more simple flavor of the beans. Add in the freshness of the lettuce, and you get the perfect bite.

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