omelet two ways

I feel like there are two schools of omelets. For such a simple dish, it is also probably one of the most contentious. For me, there is no one right way to make an omelet, just like there is no right way to make scrambled eggs. I decided to test this opinion by making us western omelets in two different ways. Well, they would have been western omelets if it wasn’t for the fact the squirells ate all my tomatoes.

RECIPE: Omelet Two Ways
Makes 2 Servings

SUPPLIES NEEDED:IMG_20180701_035018903
Cutting Board
Cast Iron Pan

Yellow Onion
Wax Pepper
Pepper Jack Cheese
5 Eggs

1) Begin by chopping up the wax pepper and at least half the onion. IMG_20180701_035734627
2) In a cast iron pan over medium heat, begin sauteeing approximately half the pepper and onion mixture with a small sprinkle of salt.
3) In a bowl, crack three eggs and add a dash of dill to them. Scramble with the fork.
4) Remove the sauteed vegetables from the pan and pour in the egg mixture and cover.
5) Slice the pepper jack cheese.
6) Remove the cover to teh egg and spread the vegetables over half the omelet and cover with cheese.
7) Flip the omelet closed and slide it onto the plate. The residual heat will ensure that the rest of the cheese melts.

8) In the now empty pan, add the rest of the chopped vegetables and a pinch of salt.
9) Crack the last two eggs into the bowl. Scramble with a touch of dill.
10) Don’t remove the vegetables, instead pour the eggs right over everything.
11) Briefly cover and then layer on a bit of cheese. You will want to double flip this omelet so that its in a folded quarter.

These omelets go very well with hot sauce and buttered toast. I guess bananas or another kind of fruit would be a good add in as well.

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