Pizza Sausage

With how good the breakfast sausage turned out, how could I not also make pizza sausage? This sausage really lives up to its name and is amazing on pizza. It also tastes like it would do well with most Italian flavored dishes. Plus it definitely tastes better than the sausage at the store! And its … Continue reading Pizza Sausage


Teriyaki Pork with Sweet and Spicy Rice

I am trying out some new cameras for food pictures, so the quality over the next few posts may vary. I used to use my phone but it decided it doesn't like to work or transfer my pictures anymore. It is what it is! Also, with the change in counter space, there may not be … Continue reading Teriyaki Pork with Sweet and Spicy Rice

Pork, Apple, and Spaetzle

We have been grilling apples all week, so I decided to change it up a little bit. Apples and pork are a great combination. Pork chops and apple sauce are one of my favorites, so I used it for my inspiration to make this dish!   RECIPE: Pork, Apple, and Spaetzle Makes 2 Servings  SUPPLIES NEEDED: Cast … Continue reading Pork, Apple, and Spaetzle