Horseradish Tuna Wraps

Most people stick to mayo bases for the tuna salad. Its such a forgiving protein that you really can use any flavor profile on it. I decided I wanted to kick my wrap up a notch so I decided to make a horseradish based tuna salad. It was a sinus cleansing delicious wrap!

RECIPE: Horseradish Tuna Wraps
Makes 2 Servings

Cutting Board

2 Cans Tuna Fish
Horseradish Sauce
Worcester Sauce
Tortilla Wraps

Drain two cans of tuna and dump into a bowl.
2) Pour 2-3 T of horseradish sauce and a sprinkle of Worcester sauce over the tuna.
3) Use a fork to mix everything together.
4) Finely chop pickles and mix into tuna. Make sure you cut enough that there is a good crunch throughout.
5) Scoop tuna salad  onto tortillas, wrap and serve.



Tip: If you heat the tortillas slightly in a pan, they become a lot easier to wrap and fold.

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