Smoked Meat Tacos

There is nothing better than smoking a huge chunk of meat, unless of course the meat was on steep discount! We used this meat for 4 different meals so it really came out super cost effective! Plus smoked meat is incredibly delicious and you can never eat enough of it.

RECIPE: Smoked Meat Tacos
Makes 2 Servings

Basting Brush
Grill and Smoking Tube
Cast iron pans
Cutting Board
Cheese Grater

Chunk o’ Meat
Orange Juice
Brown Sugar
Garlic Powder
Jalapeno Powder
Cheddar Cheese
Lettuce Mix

DSCF02301) Bowl begin marinating the meat in a mixture of orange juice, brown sugar, cilantro, garlic powder, and jalapeno powder.
2) Brush the meat with the marinade so that it really soaks up the flavor, turning every thirty minutes or so. I let it marinate for about two hours.
3) Light the smoking tube and then hot smoke the meat for about 3 hours.
4) Once you remove the meat from the smoker let it rest for about 20 minutes.
5)  In a small pot, bring the extra marinade to a boil to create a sauce. DSCF0244
6) Cut some of the meat into bite size pieces and put in a cast iron pan over low heat to keep it hot as you prepare the rest of the meal.
7) Shred some cheddar cheese, an ounce or two.
8) Heat the tortillas in a preheated cast iron pan. After you flip them, sprinkle with cheddar cheese so it starts to melt.
9) Shape the warm tortilla and fill it with the meat and a drizzle of the cooked marinade sauce.

10) Top with plenty of lettuce, and salsa if you are interested.
11) Serve with a side of pineapple for the full balance of flavors. DSCF0247

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