Mushroom Ravioli

Ravioli is something I am still working to perfect. Its hard to find the perfect ratio between filling and dough. Too much filling, and it will leak out of your ravioli. Too little and you are pretty much just eating pasta. These could have used a touch more filling, but the ratio is definitely getting closer to perfect!

RECIPE: Mushroom Ravioli 
Makes 3-4 Servings

Kitchen aid mixer
Pasta Rollers
Pastry Board
Cutting Board
Cast Iron Pan
Ravioli Press

3 Eggs
300 grams Durum Flour
All Purpose Flour
1 Container Mushrooms
1/2 a container Ricotta Cheese

1) Use the eggs and flour to make a pasta dough. Divide into four bowls and let rest under a towel.
2) Begin slicing the mushrooms and add them to a warm cast iron pan.
3) Sprinkle heavily with tarragon and let cook slowly.
4) Begin rolling out the pasta into sheets.

5) Have the pasta roll out so that its thinner than lasagna.
6) I like to lightly press the pasta with the ravioli press to indicate better where I should put the ravioli filling.
7) Stir the ricotta into the tarragon mushrooms.

8) Using spoons to place the the filling in the center of the predetermined ravioli spots.
9) Place the other sheet of pasta on top and use the ravioli press to seal and cut it into individual ravioli.
10)  Place the raviolis in a wax paper lined container if you wish to use later, or cook right away. IMG_1397
There will be leftover pasta, which should be used to make fettuccine.FullSizeRender (2)
I find it easier to make lots of pasta at once, so that you can enjoy it for the whole week.


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