Using Leftovers: Apple Onion Gravy

I apologize that this isn’t a full recipe, but I wanted to highlight how sometimes you have to build meals around leftover ingredients. The other night, my boyfriend made hard cider brats. He simmers the sausages in a mixture of onions, hard cider, nutmeg, and a touch of chili powder to cut the sweetness. He browns them right before serving and they are delicious.

The issue is you are left with cider and onions that have been simmering for hours that don’t go well with brats and mustard. Rather than tossing it away, I decided to make the leftovers into a nice thick gravy for mashed potatoes. And as everyone knows mashed potatoes goes excellently with pork chops.


The resulting dish was delicious. The pork chops were seasoned with salt, pepper, and thyme. The sweetness of the apple worked well in the gravy and made the dish very tasty! I may purposely make a gravy of similar flavors in the future!




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