These pastries are rather unassuming. They don’t look like much, but as soon as you bite into your world is blown. I loved watching my coworkers eat these, mostly because their faces would change after the first taste to pure enjoyment. If you haven’t had them before, then you need to make this recipe. Right now. I can wait till you move to your kitchen.

To give you a better point of reference, my husband has decided that these are his new favorite cookies. To prove his point, some how the two of us went through about 60 cookies in 3 days…

RECIPE: Rugalach
Makes 80 Cookies

Food Processor
Pastry Board
Pizza Cutter
Measuring Cup
Measuring Spoon
Baking Sheets
Non stick baking mats
Oven heated to 375
Cooling Rack

3 Cup Flour
2 1/2 teaspoons yeast
1 teaspoon salt
2 sticks butter (1/2 lb)
1 cup heavy cream
3 egg yolks
1 Cup sugar
2 Tablespoons Cinnamon
Apple Jelly
Pear Butter

In the food processor, add the flour, yeast, and salt. Pulse it a few times to mix.
2) Cut up the 1/2 lb or 2 sticks of butter and add them to the mixture. Process until the butter is crumbled into the mixture.
3) Pour in the cup of heavy cream and the 3 egg yolks. Process again until thoroughly combined.
4) Remove the dough from the food processor and wrap in foil. Let it chill in the fridge overnight. DSCF1115
5) Place a pastry board or large cutting board on a stable surface. In a bowl or measuring cup, combine the 1 cup sugar and the 2 tablespoons of cinnamon until thoroughly and evenly mixed.
6) Remove the dough from the fridge and use the pizza cutter to cut into four even pieces.
7) Sprinkle the pastry board with the cinnamon sugar, place the dough on top, and sprinkle the dough with some cinnamon and sugar.
DSCF11178) Roll out the dough into a somewhat circular shape, adding more cinnamon and sugar anytime the dough begins to stick to the rolling pin or pastry board.
9) Use a spoon to put the filling of your choice over the dough. The first batch I used apple jelly, the second and third batch was pear butter, and the last batch was nutella.

10) Once the thin coat of filling has been applied, use the pizza cuter to dived the dough in DSCF1122quarters. Within each quarter, slice it into five equal triangle pieces. The first batch will mostly likely be extremely uneven, but you get a handle on the equal slicing by the last batch.
11) Beginning at the outer rim, roll each piece of dough towards the center. They will look like tiny crescents.
12) Place each roll on the baking mat, and sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon and sugar before placing in the oven.
13) Bake the cookies for 15-17 minutes or until the top begins to look golden brown.
14) Use a spatula to move the cookies from the baking sheets to the cooling racks.
15) Let cool completely before placing in a sealed container for storage.

I have heard that these cookies freeze well, but I don’t think you will have enough left over to freeze!




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