A Decade in Review

It is December 2019. In a few short weeks, it will officially be 2020. They say hindsight is 20/20, so it seems only appropriate to take this time to look back at the past year and the past decade to see what has changed and what has stayed amazingly the same.

In the past year, I started my new job and have thrived in my new environment.

My husband and I went through the process of purchasing our first home. It was a bit stressful, especially when we both became horribly sick right when we officially went under contract for our house. Our celebration of that exciting moment? Taking a nap and being unable to get out of bed for a few days.

We moved into our new home, created a list of projects, and quickly learned that nothing stays on plan or the budget never matches what you expected. We’ve learned to roll with it and take a step back. We have the next 40 years to live in the house, so it’s okay that the fence isn’t in yet and that there are still boxes waiting to be unpacked in the basement.

We are adapting to our new neighborhood and making new routines. With all the changes of the past year, we haven’t been able to keep up with all of our hobbies and interests. Sadly, this blog fell to the wayside, but now that life is settling down, I have a feeling that the new decade will be filled with lots of posts about cooking, baking, home DIY, lifestyle tips, plenty of beer, and even writing. Why writing? Because as of this month, my first work of fiction will officially be published! Therefore, this blog is expanding beyond my love of Brownies and Beer, to be more a Brownies, Beer, and Books!

Now if that is just what happened in the past year, can you imagine how crazy the past decade has been?

Here is the last decade of my life by the numbers:

1 Wedding to the love of my life

2 Internships

3 Graduations (Only 1 of which I attended)

 4 States

 5 Jobs

6 Weddings Attended (including 3 bridesmaid dresses)

7 Rooms Painted

8 Lambchop dog toys purchased 

 9 Mailing Addresses

Too Many Deaths

I’m exhausted looking at the list. The last decade has been filled with some major milestones. The next one hopefully won’t be as busy, but I am looking forward to spending it in the company of friends and family. And I will do my best to document all the great things the next decade brings on this blog! 

How do you feel after you reflecting back on the last decade of your life? Are you looking forward to the 2020’s?







2 thoughts on “A Decade in Review

  1. You have had a remarkable past decade, dear Abby. May the coming 10 years bring you good health, much happiness , success and above all continuing LOVE ! Sending my love too, Grandma Connie

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